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Video – The Power Of Nano Encapsulation

Oct 30, 2020

What is the purpose of nano encapsulation? Dr Fred Templeman and Dr Agnes Ostafin and share how this technology increases bioavailability:

Video Transcript:


John Frederick Templeman (00:08):

The body’s job in the digestive tract is to make big things little, little enough to get out of the digestive tract to get into the bloodstream and to be distributed to where the real metabolism takes place, which is at the cellular level and very often, most often, inside the cell. So getting out of the gut, getting into the bloodstream, getting out of the bloodstream, getting into the cell, very big challenges that the body alone can manage. And we’re simply trying to help that so that by nano sizing something, we increase the bioavailability. In other words, we make a tremendous leap in being able to say how much can get out of the gut and into the body.

John Frederick Templeman (00:56):

And also you have particles that are so much more potent that a smaller amount of the actual supplement can give multiple times what a larger piece of that supplement would be able to give. So I see it as not only increasing bioavailability, but increasing the potency of the supplements that we give.

Agnes Ostafin (01:23):

By increasing the potency, you also can decrease the dosage and get the same effectiveness.

John Frederick (01:30):


Agnes Ostafin (01:30):

So then it becomes less concerning in terms of side effects.

John Frederick (01:35):


Agnes Ostafin (01:35):

And it becomes more like a natural process of eating healthier food because what you’re doing is gently rebalancing your body’s biochemistry.